Our founders have gone on to become Forbes 30 Under 30, build companies that are changing the world, and continue to develop the college startup scene by creating The House. We have helped our 53 alumni teams raise over $30 million from top firms such as Y Combinator, Greylock, KPCB, and Accel. Collectively they’ve gone on to tackle problems in neuroscience, drones, IoT, VR, AI, real estate, bioengineering, FinTech, and renewable energy, to name a few.

Selected portfolio (last funding round): DataShark (Pre-Seed), Spotlight (Raising Series Seed), Gainful (YC Winter ‘18), Onederful (YC Winter ‘18), Fiat Lux Labs (Pre-Seed), Genetic Foresight (Pre-Seed), Pavlov (Pre-Seed), Blitz eSports (Greylock-led Seed, YC Summer ‘15), Wildfire (YC Summer ‘17; Series Seed from Accel, Greylock), Pantheon VR (YC Winter ‘17), Rooster (Series Seed), Lioness (Series Seed), Glints (Series A).