Free Ventures is UC Berkeley's leading pre-seed startup incubator, crafting highly individualized paths for student founders across industries and academic backgrounds in a 3-month program.


As the university's only nonprofit program run by students, for students, we aren’t pressed for returns or exits. Instead, we spend our full time cultivating relationships with top undergraduate and graduate student groups, and curate a support network of top venture capitalists, resource partners, founders, and thought leaders from the Valley for our portfolio. In doing so, we make entrepreneurship accessible to Berkeley students of all backgrounds by empowering them with the support to innovate and build.

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since our founding in 2013, free ventures has incubated 53 teams in 9 batches.

collectively they've raised over $30 million, and gone on to do some amazing things.

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Preview of our April '18 Post: RoBhat Labs (FreeV Batch X) has partnered with the Democratic National Committee to tackle the spread of misinformation in our media, and currently has over 50k people using their first product, Botcheck, to eliminate fake news from their Twitter feed. We sat down with founders Ash and Rohan to hear their story (click below to read the full post).

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We believe a university ecosystem is the ideal place to start up, and Cal is one of the best. But there's still a huge need for a strengthened community on campus to bring students together to tackle meaningful challenges.

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