We're looking to support student entrepreneurs who are passionate and proactive about building their ideas into impactful startups


Applications for our Spring 2018 Batch are now open! Applications are due February 2nd, 2018.

If you are currently working on a project or startup, we'd love to chat to explore a possible fit for our Spring '18 Batch or to connect you to other resources or incubators to help you scale. Please reach out to omkar_salpekar@freeventures.org with a brief description of yourself, your work, and progress, and we'll circle back shortly. Happy building!



Free Ventures is a semester-long accelerator program where student startup teams receive class units, need-based funding, mentorship via mentor workshops and partners, resources, and workspace.

APPLY To the FreeV Internal Team

If you're interested in joining our mission to empower talented Cal students to keep building & creating, we'd love to hear from you! Applications for Spring 2018 are due January 28th, 2018


To learn more about our incubator to see if this is right for you, please visit our program page or contact omkar_salpekar@freeventures.org. If we can't be of help, we'd be happy to direct you to The House or other on-campus resources to help your company scale.




Do I have to be a Cal student to apply?

We ask that at least one member of your team is currently enrolled at UC Berkeley and pursuing either an undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctorate degree. We welcome students across disciplines and experience levels who are working to solve impactful challenges -- across our last two batches alone we supported founders ranging from freshman computer science majors to MBAs and PhD researchers.

How often do you RECRuit founders for your batches?

Free Ventures operates two batches per year in each the Spring and Fall. Our applications open during the first two weeks of each semester, after which top candidates are offered a 20-minute interview with our team and selected following a rigorous process of consideration. For Spring 2018, interviews will be February 5-7th, 2018 at The House.

When can i apply for the internal team? what is the timeline for the application process?

Applications to join the internal team for Spring 2018 are now open and are due January 28th. Submit an application above! We will be holding first round interviews on  January 30th and 31st and second round interviews on Sunday February 4th.