Batch IX - Fall 2017


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Onederful provides real-time eligibility and benefits checks connected to over 240+ insurance payers for dental offices. The most common way for front offices to determine reimbursement rates and patient coverage is to phone the insurance company. About 7% of revenue loss is due to denied claims caused by eligibility errors. We have also created an eligibility API allowing other dental software companies to easily integrate eligibility verification into their services, and are currently in contract discussions with several large players. Currently participating in Y Combinator’s Winter ‘18 Batch.


DataShark is a marketplace where consumers can sell their data to data-driven companies. Machine learning is the future and every startup, student and software developer in Silicon Valley wants to create the next big data-driven project. But all of these projects get stuck in a negative feedback loop; in order to get data, they need users, in order to get users, they need a product, but in order to make a product they need data. DataShark breaks that loop and gives data-driven companies direct access to data from consumers. Currently closing pre-seed, institutional investment.

Fiat lux labs

Timely and accurate diagnosis of cancers is crucial for prevention and mitigation of cancer progress. D-Luciferin is a non-toxic, light emitting chemical that generates a sensitive and selective luminescence signal in the presence of key biomarkers of ovarian, cervical, and liver cancer. The current method of D-Luciferin production uses costly reagents in an energy intensive process that results in extremely low yields of under 3%. Fiat Lux Labs is generating a novel biochemical process using sugar, grains, and yeast to cut the high cost of D-Luciferin by nearly 70% ($175 to $52). Closed pre-seed angel investment.


Bungalo is a web platform with the aim of providing students with a simple and secure way to search for housing and subletters, as well as establish trust in Berkeley’s college housing market. Our MVP addresses many pain points that characterize the current search-for-housing experience. First, users will be able to quickly search and filter listings based on user criteria including amenities, gender preference, and property type. Second, people can search for housing with friends and add listings to a shared “wishlist.” Third, users will get notified when new listings that fit their criteria are posted.


The prosthetics industry is full of top-of-the-line prosthetics that cost a small fortune to low-income amputees. Our team is setting out to build general-purpose low-cost myoelectric prosthetics that these amputees can afford. We have won our first contract for a non-profit called ROMP (Range of Motion Project) and are currently working to deliver a low-cost prosthetic elbow to an amputee in Ecuador.


RehaPal provides a humanoid robot that performs automated passive and active medical rehabilitation, and make physical therapists more productive. Hospitals pay a subscription fee for the robot in order to provide automated medical rehabilitation services for post-stroke patients as well as others who require physical/occupational therapy. Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and PhD researchers studying under Ruzena Bajcsy in the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab.


VentureFolder is a lightweight software service to see what companies angel investors and early stage funds are actively looking at, share potential investments with each investors, and take notes throughout due diligence process. VentureFolder helps investors keep on top of what is happening in their business: track startups, other VC firms, acquisitions, investment themes, and people.