Nimble is a cloud-based radiation oncology planning system that uses novel optimization tools, big data, and cross-institution insights to dramatically lower the cost and improve treatment outcomes throughout the healthcare industry.


Bringing the magic of tabletop games to the digital world. First, Unboard generates traction and popularity by virtualizing board games with established audiences. Then, we utilize it by launching the first ever all-medium Trading Card Game.



Glints partners with companies to develop real-world challenges for youths. Rather than academic knowledge, candidates gain real work experience and career skills. They gain employability by self-directing their own career development as they acquire badges for the career skills they seek.


Obsidian is a peer-backed payment manager that allows users to pay for anything in flexible installments. Users can use any payment method, including Bitcoin, to make purchases for users, and allow them to determine their repayment duration and installment intervals

Crowd control

Crowd Control is accurately measuring how crowded public spaces are in real-time and predicting how crowded they will be in the future. This allows customers to decide when to go to their favorite gyms, supermarkets, restaurants, etc and businesses can better manage their establishments.


Tablink manages browser tabs. We cluster tabs and create a "tab" filesystem, allowing users to sync and find information instantly. We tackle the problem of having excessive tabs open, which limits productivity and affects over 60% of internet users.