Personalized protein powder, delivered monthly. Recently completed YC Winter ‘18 Batch and hit $40k monthly sales in February on 2.7k total customers, and in the process of raising a target $2M seed round. Learn more at


Robhat labs

Using machine learning techniques and cryptography to stop the spread of misinformation. Signed contract with the DNC and frequently feature on MSNBC, Wired, and other outlets. Currently focused on making their product production-ready and doing demos to secure paying clients for the November 2018 elections. Sample article on their work here


Madtech labs

Developing tertiary hybrid power trains as B2B products to disrupt the transportation market. Two-person founding team with deep industry expertise comprised of a PhD in mechanical engineering and an undergraduate specializing in customer development. To date have validated the technology in the lab, and are seeking to scale with customers during this semester and raise a small seed round



A social app where users create fun Kpop music videos. >100k users (70k MAU) to date with strong engagement metrics, and currently raising a seed round



Realtime YearBook for preschools. Very talented team of undergraduates with domain knowledge and decent traction among schools despite forming recently. Focused on product and customer development over the course of the Free Ventures batch