Batch VIII - Spring 2017


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Genetic Foresight provides a genetic test that determines your likelihood to adversely react to medications based on your genetic code; this allows your doctor to make safer and more effective prescriptions. Additionally, the report includes how your current prescription medications will interact with other medications you may be prescribed to prevent harmful drug-to-drug interactions. Your report will be updated biannually based on newly produced research, newly created drugs, and newly prescribed medications to ensure your report never becomes obsolete.

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Memory is an Alexa-based voice assistant for individuals with Alzheimer’s. It responds to patients’ questions using information provided by family members and caretakers, and collects data used for medical research and improvement. Memory’s goal is to reduce the burden on caretakers and allow physicians and healthcare providers to provide customized treatment methods directly to patients in their own homes.



PeerEditr is the quickest way to get feedback. It's a feedback and collaboration tool designed for visual documents like resumes, slide decks, and marketing material. It takes one click to create a feedback room with annotation tools and version control, which you can share with anyone. Our goal is to provide the quickest and most seamless feedback experience.


Acuity for moms

Acuity for Moms in an online platform that empowers moms to re-enter the workforce by providing online skills training and community. Our platform aggregates existing online courses — think Coursera and EdX — to create customized learning paths based on skills, interests, personality, and time availability. These courses are coupled with a community of like-minded moms and value-add resources in order to help moms ultimately return to the workforce.


Layer Six

Information overload drains the cognitive bandwidth of high-performing individuals and organizations, reducing their peak performance potential. We are the only research-backed cognitive enhancement solution serving this market, bringing data-driven diagnostics, enterprise software, and customized VR therapeutics to the world.

Paladin Drones

Paladin Drones is creating autonomous drone solutions for public safety, at a price even volunteer departments can afford. Their product decreases response time by at least two minutes by providing crucial situational awareness to first responders before they arrive on scene. Their solutions have landed them a spot as a finalist for Berkeley Big Ideas, and helped them win the Penn Innovation Grant.