C. Light Technologies

Right now there are 24 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This number is projected to increase to 100 million by 2050. And the sad truth is, in terms of diagnostics, the field of neurology is decades behind other areas of medicine. There are no quick, non-invasive diagnostics for Alzheimer’s and many other neurological disorders including Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, and Schizophrenia. All of these diseases, exhibit abnormal eye movements. However, the only eye-movements clinicians are able to observe now are quite large, due to a lack of fine resolution available in current clinical tools. This makes any small changes completely invisible to clinicians. We at C. Light Technologies are working to fill in the diagnostic tool gap through the use of our precision eye tracker.


Healthcare providers currently have very little information on what happens to their patients after they leave the hospital unless they get readmitted or have a complication. Any follow-up data that does exist is rarely collected in a systematic or meaningful way. We want to change that by closing the feedback loop, bringing this critical information back to the point-of-care so everyone can align around what ultimately matters - patient outcomes. Our platform enables healthcare providers to seamlessly collect information on the functional, symptomatic and quality-of-life outcomes of care using clinically validated patient-reported surveys. We use this data to help the care-team better manage patients, predict the outcomes of treatments and facilitate reporting of outcomes to payers and the public


Instant e-sports

Instant eSports is the best way for eSports fans to follow their favorite eSport games, teams, and players. We personalize and curate eSports news from hundreds of sources, provide the latest match schedule, scores, and stats, and allow fans to interact directly with pro players and teams. Instant eSports is the one stop shop for the 200 million eSports fans worldwide to engage with their favorite pastime.



There was a time where neighbors loved to help one another - they shared and gifted. This behavior almost completely disappeared with our rapid online lifestyle, and yet we all wish we could have it back. We are Rooster: a local sharing community where we help, borrow and share with each other, as neighbors. On Rooster anyone can ask for whatever they need and help whenever they can, the only rule: it has to be for free.  Thousands of Rooster members have given away sofas, TVs, Art supplies and clothes, borrowed baby cribs and baseball bats, got together to jog, play, consult and much more.  Rooster is available in select Bay Area locations.


Wist is a smart waitlist that lets users remotely join restaurant waitlists while providing machine learning driven wait time predictions. 





Businesses worldwide are becoming increasingly reliant on finding the right products and services to grow with. They want to purchase fast, but on average, companies take 12 months to make a single purchasing decision. Why? The current procurement process is slow, bureaucratic, and highly expensive. Zypper aims to eliminate wasted time in the enterprise procurement process, producing cost savings of 25%. Simply put, Zypper makes your enterprise purchases smart, simple, and fast.