The Demilune walker is an adjustable full-size walker that is able to provide support in both its large configuration and its much smaller form. The adjustable design makes the walker effective in all areas of the home, helping to prevent in-home falls and promote independence among the elderly.


Simplicity and intricacy never seem to coexist on a business card, but Etch opens the door to a lean business card that shows every single aspect of yourself by allowing you to store all your professional and social information on the cloud--accessed by scanning the Etch Code.


Einstein helps users looking to purchase a product make the best informed decision. By intelligently consolidating customer and professional product reviews and understanding all the customers' needs using basic questions, Einstein can recommend the best product.


SmartBod builds vibrators that learn from and adapt to a woman's physiological responses, heightening her level of pleasure and enlightening her (and her sexual partner) about her sexual preferences.



A fully robotic personalized bartender controlled with just a tap on your phone. The machine mixes a nearly endless combination of familiar and exotic drinks by precisely combining up to 16 ingredients. Potential markets range from homes to hotels.


Iris is a community for people's interests where users write articles about their passions and share them with like-minded people. They aim to solve the issue with reach, engagement, and discovery that bloggers have through a keyword extraction algorithm.