Batch IX - Fall 2017


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Datashark is a platform where companies can buy data from people like you. We’re disrupting Big Data with a simple vision for how people should buy data. Customer companies are able to target the segments of data they want, building a unique dataset and therefore a competitive advantage. Transactions are secure and anonymous, without having to go through any middleman. All data is consistently formatted, and we perform quality assurance with machine learning.

Fiat lux labs

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RehaPal is developing umanoid obot hat erforms utomated assive nd ctive edical rehabilitation services for post-stroke patients, as ell s thers ho equire hysical/occupational herapy. This solution eliminates the need for highly manual and expensive work while drastically increasing the quality of care, thereby enabling physical therapists to improve productivity, reduce costs, and provide better care. Founders Ray Chen and Jowy Tani are visiting postdoctoral scholars in the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab and Ruzena Bajcsy’s Robotics Lab, and are collectively serial entrepreneurs in the medical device space, holders of numerous patents, and bring a blend of neurology and robotics expertise through their studies and past work.


VentureFolder s ightweight oftware ervice hat helps commercial real estate investors manage deal flow, discover new investments, and track returns. Our goal is to be the source of truth that every CRE investment firm depends on to operate and manage a successful investment enterprise.