Batch VI - Spring 2016


Pavlov is a simple interface to build and manage enterprise machine intelligence applications.

Pavlov's current technology brings enterprise support and tooling to critical data processing technologies, enabling teams to quickly build, deploy, and scale machine learning pipelines out-of-the-box.

Pavlov is currently focused on addressing fraud related use cases, making sense of textual and rich media content at scale via Pavlov Spot, their first product offering.



OpThrift helps people purchase like-new high-end products from sites like Craiglist and eBay.

We provide domain-specific expertise, and handle negotiation, purchase, and delivery for our customers so they can get a convenient, personal shopping experience at thrift prices.


Sunlytics is a mobile application that generates industry-grade shading analysis reports for solar installers. By attaching an inexpensive fisheye lens to his or her smartphone, a solar designer can take photos on a roof to find the optimal placement of solar panels. The solar industry’s best solution for this is a device from 2006 that costs $3,000 secondhand. The secret is that all of this device’s hardware components are found on today’s smartphone.

We plan to sell to small to medium sized solar integrators. We’re generating a quote instantly, while the current solutions can take weeks on average. The unsustainable energy situation needs to be solved this century, and the solution starts with products like ours.



Every major retail industry requires some form of inventory warehouse, filled with forklifts, aisles and manpower. Imagine being able to eliminate the need for all these and increase efficiency at the same time. TileWorks is an overhead transportation system that revolutionizes commercial storage by using an innovative trackless grid layout adaptable to any commercial ceiling. The system not only allows for robots to rapidly pick up and deliver objects to any location, but it also doubles available storage capacity.



Diced is a grocery delivery service that makes it easy to cook meals at home. For $42 a week, we send you 6 recipes along with the ingredients to cook each recipe. Each meal is delicious and can be made in 15 minutes. We can deliver an amazing experience at practical prices by offloading the cost of sourcing, preparing, and packaging ingredients to grocery stores.